Marine Steam Plants & Gas Combustion Units

SAACKE GmbH is one of the leading Boiler | Burner manufacturers globally with almost a century of experience in firing technology and have recently entered the market of Exhaust Gas Scrubbers.

The company was founded in 1931 by Carl Saacke as CSÖ and is based in Bremen, Germany with production plants, customer support centers, service stations and sales network worldwide. The company introduced its first burner for marine use to the market in 1934. The company is now a market leader for marine combustion engineering and complete plant systems.

SAACKE on board; that means reliable, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient combustion plants for sea-going vessels, offshore plants and LNG tankers. The vast experience in the development, design and construction of new plants and conversion of existing plants pays off here.

SAACKE offers in-depth expertise and efficient order handling from a single source. Each individual combustion plant not only ensures high availability, but also meets the strictest environmental standards. That holds true for standard configurations and for plants with individual and tailored made systems.

What SAACKE offers?

1. MARINE BOILERS – up to 110 t/h steam capacity

  • Composite marine boiler (CMB)
  • Fired marine water heater (FMW)
  • Fired marine boiler (FMB)
  • Horizontal smoke tube exhaust gas economizer/boiler (EMB / EME-HST)

2. MARINE BURNERS – burning all types of fuel with capacities up to 37 MW

  • Marine rotary cup atomizer duoblock burner (SKV-A)
  • Marine rotary cup atomizer monoblock burner (SKVJ-M)
  • Marine steam pressure atomizer (DDZ-M)

3. BOILER MGO MODIFICATIONS ( for any Boiler Maker / Type )



6. MARINE BOILER REPAIRS ( for any Boiler Maker / Type )

SAACKE, through its subsidiary company TPK NOVA d.o.o. based in Croatia, utilizing a worldwide network of branch offices and associated service providers, can manufacture or supply materials and provide repairs for boilers of other manufacturers.

All boiler material supplied by SAACKE (tubes, tube plates, membrane walls, etc.) carry the necessary class approvals and, as customers would expect from a well-reputed OEM, SAACKE’s repair work is backed up by the essential approvals, procedures and certification.

Customers can take advantage of our services on either a case-by-case basis, or as part of a tailor-made strategic agreement. SAACKE is not only the company to call when you are in trouble, they are also there to advise and consult, and in turn prevent major breakdowns from happening – to guide and assist the conscientious and fore-sighted shipowner!

Areas of expertise include:

  • Emergency spot repairs
  • Major boiler repair and refurbishment
  • Boiler preparation for annual survey
  • Boiler 5-year special survey preparation
  • Furnace refractory and burner quarls renewal
  • Valve overhaul, repair and replacement
  • Boiler heating surface cleaning

Main activities:

  • Surveys and inspections
  • Full and partial re-tubes
  • Short notice worldwide emergency repairs, such as plugging, welding, etc.
  • Refractory supply/installation/replacement
  • Production and supply of classification approved boiler repair parts

Why choose SAACKE?

Engineering, construction, manufacturing, support and service of marine systems are in the best hands at SAACKE, thanks to comprehensive know-how for standard applications and individual projects. Our customers appreciate not only the extreme reliability and very high availability of all the components, but also the outstanding efficiency and eco-friendly operation. And that over the renowned long service life.

For conversions of existing plants, customers can count on the know-how, the personal consultation and customized solutions from SAACKE. Experienced teams carry out a detailed assessment of the plant environment before the start of the engineering work. It forms the basis for balanced dimensioning of all the components. Standard components or plants are integrated into the existing system or – if necessary – alternative possibilities are developed.

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