Menelaos Demetriou

Commercial Director

With a working life spent in marine procurement, Menelaos brings a wealth of experience to the Navkratis team. His knowledge and understanding of procurement, logistics and business management, along with his close association with key players in the industry gives clients confidence and peace of mind in both critical and routine support situations. He sees his role a trusted partner to his clients; always by their side when they need his expertise.

Within the company, Menelaos is responsible for day-to-day operations and financial management. He also handles new and existing business development — in the traditional shipping sector and the burgeoning oil and gas sector — as well as both client and supplier relations.

Contact Menelaos at:
  +357 25025541
  +357 95 165395
  Menelaos linkedin
Aris pic

Aris Angelides

Sales & Business Development Manager

Aris is responsible for sales team leadership and driving revenue. In addition, he has the responsibility for developing NAVKRATIS market presence and principals’ network, as well as assisting in the marketing strategy for both the Cyprus and international markets.

He brings with him an impressive and well-rounded 15-year record in the sales, and service industry. He spent the first 11 years as a commercial manager of a German multinational company in Cyprus, followed by two years as sales manager at a smart solutions provider and for three years as sales manager at a major Cyprus based supplier of marine products and services.

In his positions as a sales manager he successfully managed his sales teams and  succeeded in short time to significantly improve the company’s sales revenues, brand awareness, customer relationships and service.

Aris’ job is to expand our product and service offerings. His strong commercial expertise and relationships with key customers complements our current sales force especially as we expand our offerings, as we target to increase our portfolio of customers both in the new buildings and retrofitting/repairs market.

Contact Aris at:
  +357 25025544
  +357 96 799819

Ephie Tzomaka

Sales & Procurement Coordinator
Contact Ephie at:
  +357 25025543
  +357 95 116895

Maria Charilaou

Sales & Procurement Coordinator
Contact Maria at:
  +357 25025545
  +357 96 767876

Marianna Antoniou

Sales & Procurement Coordinator
Contact Marianna at:
  +357 25025542
  +357 99134562


Our strength is in our people: experienced, reliable, capable and technically competent. At Navkratis our in-depth knowledge of marine and offshore logistics and supplies, means that we can meet the challenges and demands…

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